Depth and Reach

We build bridges: the connections and partnerships to enable organizations to reach their objectives by providing strategic representation, investment opportunities, research, analysis, due diligence, along with reputation management and risk mitigation, transition assistance, and strategic communications.

Our full complement of services are backed by decades of on-the-ground experience in North America and GCC countries.

We bring investors together—whether they are GCC clients seeking new acquisitions in North America or North American clients seeking to expand their business in the GCC—Boston Gulf Advisors Group has the experience to deliver measurable and actionable results.

Since we focus exclusively on building bridges between the United States and the GCC, even as a small boutique consultant, we can offer more depth and reach and specialization than many larger companies.

Transactions between the United States and the Middle East can be complex with significant legal, practical, cultural and other considerations. We have extensive legal expertise in both the GCC and the United States and the ability to move quickly and efficiently to help you accomplish your goals.